More than 50 enhancements featured in the latest versions of vehicle routing and scheduling solutions

Paragon Software Systems, Inc, a niche software company focused on vehicle routing and scheduling, today announced a major upgrade of its routing and scheduling optimization software. Paragon Version 5.6 includes more than 50 enhancements and functionality improvements to help fleets cut operating costs, improve asset utilization and enhance customer service.

“Paragon’s software development team has responded to client requests, industry changes and technological developments to deliver significant enhancements and improvements to our vehicle routing and scheduling solutions,” said Phil Ingham, support director at Paragon. “Fleets can now use these capabilities to cut costs, make better use of their resources and improve service levels. This ongoing development based on real world requirements is one reason why Paragon is experiencing continued expansion in the U.S. market and bringing its advanced solution to a growing number of companies.”

To find more efficient routing solutions, optimization processes in Paragon Version 5.6 now include enhanced automatic routing capabilities, which allow users to specifically target fleet reduction as a cost-cutting objective. New options include the ability to stop the automatic routing process and review the current result, and it is now possible to store job specific macros, filters, tables and reports together for easier access and use.

Mapping enhancements in the latest version of Paragon’s software allow the Workbench user interface to display information on a Google Map automatically for a fast, accurate and familiar visual reference.

Enhanced reporting capabilities have been developed for the software as well, including the ability to export data to an SQL database automatically and the option to add new trip keywords. The latest version also incorporates Route Execution and Resource Manager functionality improvements.

For Paragon’s international clients, Version 5.6 enables a language choice to be set at individual user levels, and the software also supports Unicode capability. This means that clients wanting to host the software centrally no longer need different servers dedicated to different regions, significantly cutting IT costs.