Mastercare – PC Repairs:

Mastercare PC repairs has over 200 home-based engineers making around 1,200 daily service visits to PC World, Curry’s, Mastercare, PC City and The Link customers. This large and complex service operation was previously planned manually with four regional representatives each dedicating three hours to routing and scheduling every day. In order to cut planning time, reduce daily administration effort and generate more efficient routes and schedules for its PC repair division, Mastercare turned to Paragon, known for its routing and scheduling expertise across a wide range of industries.

Installed at Mastercare’s planning centre, Paragon software is now used to schedule the next day service calls to homes and retail establishments. With the next day’s schedule downloaded to Paragon from the engineer booking system at 9:30am every morning, the software takes less than five minutes to calculate all the routes and schedules, automatically accounting for engineer availability, skill levels and road network details, as well as time needed to complete each call request. With only two people now required to oversee the whole process for the UK, the final routes are released to both the parts depots and service engineers by 11:00am, allowing sufficient time for engineers to collect the materials required for their next day’s calls.

Mastercare – Brown Goods:

Following on from the routing and scheduling success of the Mastercare PC repair operation, Paragon’s routing and scheduling software is now used to plan the brown goods operation. With a dedicated team of 200 repair engineers answering up to 1,300 customer call outs every day, Paragon software has extended its efficiency savings into this additional business area. Faced with the added complexity of ensuring engineers are routed via the right store for the collection of parts to take to the forthcoming call, Paragon has increased efficiency and engineer productivity throughout the operation. In addition, Paragon automatically deals with two-man call out requirements – such as plasma television repairs – ensuring that two separate engineers are routed to the same call out location at the same time.

Engineering efficiencies at PCServiceCallThe Mastercare brown goods operation’s next day order cut off is at 4pm. At this time call out requests are downloaded from the in-house order management system into Paragon which then routes the next day’s calls. With the added complexity of having to route in parts collections from stores, as well as two man call requests, the Paragon system takes as little as five minutes to produce a schedule for up to 1,300 next day calls. Individual schedules are released to the engineers that afternoon via the in-house system which enables engineers to download the information they need to complete their next day calls.

"We were very pleased with the way Paragon’s routing and scheduling software transformed the way we planned our PC repair engineer visits and although it’s early days, we are hoping to see similar benefits in our brown goods operation. The system’s versatility and the team’s understanding of our needs has resulted in a software implementation that can handle the complexities of both our service management operations whilst still saving us time, money and miles." Mike Williams, Regional Manager, Mastercare.