Paragon supplied its Paragon for Windows Vehicle Routing and Scheduling system, tailored to facilitate the automatic addition of late orders, the scheduling of wave orders and the progressive uploading of routes. With the help of Paragon's experienced support team, the system was implemented for live daily scheduling at Panasonic's main depot. On a daily basis, Paragon calculates efficient routes and schedules to Panasonic's customer base. The routes are designed to minimize transportation costs whilst satisfying customer service requirements.

Panasonic Logistics selects Paragon to help shape their future distribution strategyHaving implemented Paragon successfully at Bracknell, Panasonic then instigated a second implementation at their second DC.

Once Paragon was up and running at these DCs, and achieving daily reductions in transportation costs, Panasonic turned to a major strategic review of their distribution infrastructure. This was based around a new high profile distribution center. Once again, Paragon came into its own, this time being used at a strategic level to analyze a range of alternative distribution techniques. As a result, Panasonic was able to determine the most efficient transportation infrastructure to underpin the operation of this new flagship facility.

"Ours is a very busy operation and we couldn’t wait months for the system to be enhanced. It had to be adapted quickly – which is what Paragon did. What we have achieved as a result is a more cost effective operation without losing service quality." Simon Kay, Panasonic Logistics