Fast, efficient and reliable logistics planning software to help you cut miles, money and planning time

Paragon-Landing-page-US-Time-Money-graphic_web2.jpgOur routing and scheduling software is proven to cut transportation costs by 20% across a wide range of industries, business sizes, and distribution operation types.

Whether you manage a dedicated fleet, use for-hire drivers or are a 3PL providing transportation services to your clients, our route planning software can help you cut your cost-per-drop and improve overall cost efficiency throughout your transportation department. 

Reducing the cost of failed deliveries and late running

Our transportation planning software will always produce feasible routes and schedules that best fit with your agreed time windows, truck size restrictions, loading weights, and driver working hours. Once all this data has been entered or imported into your Paragon route planning system, our advanced route optimization algorithms then sequence stops and rest/meal breaks in the most efficient way possible.

Cutting expensive for-hire carrier requirements

Our route planning software automatically allocates deliveries to trucks ensuring your vehicles are used efficiently, fitting in as many deliveries as possible into the driver’s shift while still remaining legal.

With Paragon route optimization software, you can plan not only your own fleet of trucks but also any agency drivers and trucks needed to complete the day’s transportation plan. Our flexible configuration settings enable you to prioritize your own fleet for work allocation, ensuring you are making the best use of your own trucks and reducing agency resource requirements.

Not only does our route optimization system ensure the trucks are fully utilized on the outward journey, you can also schedule pick-ups, maximizing truck utilization and driver productivity while cutting the cost of additional trips or couriers to return product back to a DC.  Find out more about how Paragon can help you cut transportation costs on a daily basis on our Dynamic Routing page.

Cost-based scenario modeling to improve business decision-making

Your Paragon routing and scheduling system is a valuable source of information that you can use when making strategic transportation decisions. Once your routing and scheduling system is up and running, our Support Team can show you how to use your historic transportation data to model ‘what if’ scenarios such as increasing/decreasing fleet size, implementing double-shifting or backhauling, changing DC boundaries, or assessing potential locations for new DCs.

By modeling these different scenarios using real, historic data, you see accurate cost implications and customer service benefits of making changes to your transportation operation, whether you are looking to grow your business or just wanting to cut costs.  To find out more about how Paragon can help you plan and model your distribution operation, visit our Business Modeling page.


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