Good customer service doesn't have to cost the earth!

Good customer service doesn't have to cost the earth!Using route planning software can help transport operators improve customer service levels.  It’s easy to concentrate on the cost savings, carbon reductions, and efficiency improvements, but the unquantifiable customer service benefits often get overlooked, and we think they are definitely worth mentioning!

Route reliability and accurate schedule planning are keys to success in terms of customer service.  Using our advanced route planning system, you know that the truck routes you are planning are both realistic and feasible.  This means that you can offer customers time windows with confidence, knowing that your on-time delivery rate will rise, resulting in happier customers.

Reliability and responsiveness

We specialize in providing routing and scheduling software that helps you get the right products to the right place at the right time. With our route scheduling systems you can plan feasible truck journeys with more certainty, refining planning parameters and improving accuracy for a more realistic transportation plan. As a result, you can be more confident about truck route plans and offer a more reliable and consistent delivery service to your customers.

Improved service offering

Our routing and scheduling software can help you to plan more quickly so that shorter delivery lead times can be offered to customers. The system enables you to enter or import details of your customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details, and other transportation parameters. Our advanced route optimization algorithm then uses this information to create optimized, feasible and cost-effective routes and schedules at the click of a button. Some of our clients have experienced up to a 75% reduction in planning time thanks to our route planning software, enabling them to increase their workloads and grow their businesses. By cutting your planning time down to just a few minutes using our routing and scheduling software you can recoup hours of planning time and take more orders before cut off.

You may notice over time that you are completing the day’s deliveries with time to spare… with our routing and scheduling software you can start to offer narrower time windows, cutting excess slack from your transportation plans and fitting more deliveries into your working day. And if some your customers have a preferred time window, our vehicle scheduling software gives you the flexibility to fix their deliveries in the schedule and optimize the remaining deliveries around them – pleasing your customer while remaining cost-efficient.

Managing delivery expectations

Using Paragon routing and scheduling software means you get the benefit of automated text messages to send to your customers, as part of the routing process, when a delivery slot is booked.

If you link your vehicle tracking to your Paragon routing and scheduling system using our Route Execution module, you gain an extra level of visibility which can make a huge difference to customer service. Route Execution allows your transportation team to monitor actual truck performance against the plan in real-time with automatic delivery updates to your customers as the day’s plan progresses.

Seeing the actual truck locations compared to the plan using Paragon Route Execution also gives your team an early indication of the impact that delays will have on subsequent deliveries, enabling swift and timely customer communications.


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