Do more with less - Improving operational efficiency

Do more with less - Improving operational efficiency

Our dynamic route optimization software then calculates the most effective delivery and collection sequences to fulfil a day’s deliveries, calculating accurate journey times and allocating loads to appropriate vehicles to help maximize productivity.Automated route planning

Our route optimization software calculates optimal delivery sequences and routes for your fleet in a fraction of the time it would take to plan manually. Every route is planned using your pre-agreed delivery time windows and driver shifts whilst minimizing mileage and inter-drop travel time. And by prioritising work to your own drivers over contractors, you have the peace of mind that your trucks are fully utilized and agency costs are kept to a minimum.

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With end-of-day driver debriefing and planned vs actual reporting, Route Execution gives you the tools you need to improve future route planning accuracy and distribution performance.Make better use of your tracking data

Optimized routes and schedules are a good starting point, but there’s a wealth of information gathered out on the road that can help you make best use of your fleet. Using your historic tracking data, you can tighten your unloading time windows and compare actual driving routes with your planned Paragon routes to improve your planning parameters. By cutting slack out of your plan we have found it is possible to increase the drops per vehicle and in some cases remove a route or truck from your operation, saving you $000’s.

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By reviewing parameters such as DC locations, delivery patterns, service areas or truck fleet changes, you can look at the impact of making a modification in a test environment before implementing it for real.Assess alternative operational strategies

A Paragon routing and scheduling system is far more then just a tool to plan your daily truck routes. Over time your delivery profile may change with new drop off points or changes in delivery volumes, introducing inefficiency to your operation. By regularly modeling your fleet size, vehicle mix, customer allocation or DC locations you can assess the impact of making changes to your operation without spending a dime. Using your daily data, Paragon can produce routes and schedules using newly proposed business rules to ensure your trucks deliver as much as possible and predict what the cost-saving implications will be for your business.

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