Keep customers better informed about delivery progress

Tracking the progress of goods through your delivery network can be challenging.  If your suppliers deliver to your hubs for consolidation with other stock for a single delivery to a customer, then providing updates to the end customer is dependent on information stored in different systems.

The Paragon HDX Consignment Tracking module provides you with improved visibility of your goods at every step of its journey through your delivery network.  For example, the module allows you to confirm when loading and dispatch of consignments from your distribution warehouse has taken place and also allows you to track delivery receipt at your last mile delivery hub.  In fact, it helps you improve visibility of your goods all the way to the end customer’s front door.

Consignment tracking can support cross docking at the delivery hub, or the holding of consignments for consolidation prior to dispatch.  Consignment movements can be actioned through a combination of RF mobile scanning devices and desktop applications.