Monitor truck route performance vs the plan using vehicle tracking technology

It’s all well and good knowing where your trucks are now but wouldn’t it be great if you could also see where they are supposed to be at any given time? Our Route Execution software helps you further improve your routing and scheduling planning accuracy and real-time responsiveness by using live data from your vehicle tracking technology.

By linking your vehicle tracking with your route optimization, using Route Execution, you can view plan progress in real time. Any problems – such as traffic delays, missed deliveries, or impending late arrivals – can be dealt with quickly, as and when they occur. Your transportation or customer service teams can alert customers if a delivery is going to be late… and in our experience forewarning your customer or colleague that you are going to be late is far better than them telling you about a missed delivery.

For the transportation management team, Route Execution offers an easy and effective way of drilling down through data at the end of the day, looking at individual driver performance. The day’s routes can be analyzed, actual driver performance reviewed, and any discrepancies can be discussed. In many cases this results in plans being refined and made more accurate as drivers can prove how long journeys and deliveries are actually taking.