Optimized transportation route scheduling for single site operations

Our Single Depot route optimization software can cut costs and improve efficiency for a fleet of trucks transporting goods to and from a single DC. The Single Depot system enables you to enter or import details of your customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, truck sizes and driver shift information, and any other parameters that might influence your routing result. At the click of a button our route optimization system then calculates the best routes for your truck fleet.

Paragon Single Depot is powered by our advanced routing and scheduling software algorithms that have been making our systems a success for over 30 years. The system calculates optimized, feasible and cost-efficient routes quickly and effectively. These routes help you make the best use of your transportation resources.

Hundreds of companies all over the world, and across a wide range of industry sectors, are benefitting from using our Single Depot routing and scheduling system. You can use it operationally with live order volumes, or for business modeling and change analysis.