Cleaner, greener and leaner transportation for the future

Cleaner, greener and leaner transportation for the futureGlobal standards for commercial truck emissions change every year. With the introduction of new low emission zones and emission-based taxation, it is becoming even more important to cut carbon emissions wherever you can.

At Paragon we understand the cost implications of running a fleet of high-emission vehicles and that it is not always easy or cost-effective to change your fleet for the latest low-emission models. We have developed our routing and scheduling optimizers to enable you to plan routes and schedules that reduce your carbon emissions.

Cut unnecessary mileage

By sequencing deliveries in the most efficient way, our route optimization software provides you with truck routes that minimize mileage. but still meet your transportation requirements, such as agreed upon time windows or vehicle restrictions.

To ensure your drivers stick to the planned routes you can print stop-by-stop directions or send the route directly to the truck’s GPS unit. Further integration between your Paragon routing and scheduling system and your vehicle tracking devices with Paragon Route Execution enables you to compare live routes with planned, showing you where and when excess mileage is occurring for instant driver debrief and improved future route planning.

You can further reduce your carbon emissions using our Carbon Minimizer functionality, which analyzes the routes and uses the distance, average speed, and total vehicle weight on each leg to calculate the total CO2 and fuel used. Then, our advanced route optimization algorithms re-sequences all the stops on the routes in order to reduce the total CO2 and fuel used.

Improve vehicle utilization

Efficient loading and scheduling of trucks is an effective way to decrease your carbon footprint. Our route planning software automatically allocates deliveries, ensuring your trucks are used efficiently and with as many deliveries as possible in the driver’s shift.

Our routing and scheduling systems are not just for daily route planning, you can also use them for modeling alternative business strategies, such as different truck types. Although it is not practical to change your entire fleet overnight, Paragon can show you the carbon savings of replacing a few small trucks for a larger semi truck, or expanding your fleet with smaller vehicles. Using your own transportation data to model the benefits of such changes gives you an accurate long-term strategy for your fleet management and purchasing teams.

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