Distribution Performance Reporting

Our routing and scheduling systems offer you a wide range of interactive reporting tools.

These easy-to-use reports help you review performance in terms of pre-defined parameters such as cost-per-drop or trailer utilization of miles incurred. Our automatic transportation reporting removes the need for planning teams to spend time number crunching data to get meaningful results. The reports that you create with your Paragon routing and scheduling system can easily be shared with others within your organization via pdf, SQL database or with a click of a button on the web.

In addition to the standard reports available in your Paragon routing and scheduling system, you can also create your own custom reports with the help of our step-by-step ‘how to’ guides on our client portal - Paragon World. This flexibility enables you to report on distribution KPIs that are important and relevant to your transportation operation.

With our distribution performance reporting you can analyse...

  • Report on early, on-time or late deliveries
  • Review excess mileage
  • Monitor planned versus actual performance
  • Monitor driver workloads
  • Analyze cost performance
  • Produce and review DC summaries

Our easy-to-use distribution performance reporting functionality gives you complete visibility of your transportation operation, from high level executive summaries to detailed trip-by-trip reports. Information is made readily available via an SQL database, which gives users instant access to important information, such as the cost-per-drop or percentage of on-time deliveries. Using these reports you can quickly and easily review performance against targets and implement improvements to daily, weekly and monthly distribution plans.

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