Dynamic Routing

Our dynamic routing optimization software solution is cutting costs and improving efficiency for transportation operators across North America.

If you are a transportation operator that needs to calculate daily routes using live order volumes,  Paragon could help you to streamline this process… and deliver great results at the same time.

Paragon has been around for over 30 years, and time and time again our software has been proven to cut fuel costs by reducing mileage and helping users to make the most of their dedicated truck fleets, while lowering their reliance on sub-contracted vehicles. With our routing and scheduling software tools we are confident we can help you achieve your business goals and deliver an excellent ROI.

Powered by advanced route optimization algorithms, we have developed our routing and scheduling software to ensure it is capable of handling the needs of today’s transportation industry.

With dynamic routing you can...

  • Plan multi-drop routes in seconds
  • Assign balanced and legal workloads
  • Link to GPS tracking for a real-time view
  • Maximize your fleet utilization
  • Delay order cut off with shorter planning times
  • Manipulate finished routes with last minute changes

Running on a Windows platform the optimizers that form our dynamic routing suite of products hold details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, truck sizes, driver shift details and other transportation parameters. Our route optimization software then calculates the most effective delivery and collection sequences to fulfill a day’s deliveries, calculating accurate journey times and allocating loads to appropriate vehicles to help maximize productivity.

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