Operational Management

Our operational management solutions help you optimize resource management, monitor your truck routes in real-time, improve fixed route efficiency, and reassign truck routes as the day’s schedule progresses.

We have developed our operational management tools to harness the additional distribution planning and management power made available by recent changes in transportation technology. For example, with the growing popularity in vehicle tracking technology, we have enhanced our core route optimization software so that you can monitor your truck movements in real-time and compare them to the routes planned in your Paragon route optimization software. This has huge benefits in terms of proactive customer service management as you can forewarn people if you are running early or late. By tracking against the plan you can also refine your planning processes, using real-world information to make your route plans more realistic.

With operational management you can...

  • Real-time view of transport plan in action
  • Update customers with accurate ETAs
  • Build realistic routes using historic data
  • Manage driver and vehicle availability
  • Ensure driver workloads comply with industry rules & regulations
  • Plan distribution schedules that match available driver shifts

By pulling data from different divisions of your transportation operation, we give you a more holistic view of how your resources are planned and how your routes and schedules are executed in real life. For example, our resource management software allows you to schedule drivers and trucks in the most efficient way according to their skillset, working time or customer requirements, while at the same time ensuring work is distributed evenly across your fleet.

If you don’t need new route plans every day but have set delivery locations you could also benefit from our operational management solution known as Paragon RMS (Route Management System). This advanced tool helps you manage and optimize your fixed route networks, changing routes based on order volume fluctuations and accommodating changes in customer profiles in the most efficient way.

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