Paragon Omni-Channel Fulfillment Process

1. Omni-channel order capture

Omni-channel customers are proven to spend more than customers engaging via a single channel. However, true omni-channel requires a seamless customer experience across all channels whether customers are researching or buying.

Paragon HDX is a modular omni-channel fulfillment system. It supports web service integration of orders from all sales channels and multiple clients to deliver a consistent level of service, information and access regardless of the selling method or device.

Whether customers are browsing online, purchasing with an app or buying in store, Paragon HDX can help. It integrates with your existing Order Management System and Warehouse Management System to provide consistent information about stock availability and delivery options, maximizing sales and improving the customer experience.

The Paragon HDX Core scheduling and planning engine continuously optimizes routes as orders are placed. This is the only way to ensure that delivery options are feasible and that driver and vehicle resources are maximized, helping you balance customer choice and profitability.

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2. Rule-based evaluation of delivery options

The delivery windows you offer may be dictated by a large number of parameters.

For example, the fulfillment channels you use will depend upon what you are delivering. Is it a one man, or two-man delivery? Will you deliver by courier, or your own fleet?

Paragon HDX has two different modules that help you to improve customer service with realistic and achievable delivery timescales.

Paragon HDX Fulfillment Channel identifies the best channel based on a set of configurable rules. This allows products to be fulfilled using the most cost efficient delivery option.

Paragon HDX Local Capacity Manager ensures that delivery windows take into consideration other constraints within the supply chain, which may affect your ability to deliver. For example your manufacturing, picking or shuttling capacity.

Using Local Capacity Manager ensures that the delivery windows you offer to your customers are feasible.

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3. Intelligent route planning, scheduling and time window selection

Delivery options available at the point of purchase are playing an increasingly important role in the decision making process. Once consumers have established which item they want to buy, many will shop around for the fastest or cheapest delivery option.

Paragon HDX can help you lower abandonment rates and increase sales by offering consumers a wide range of feasible delivery windows.

The delivery slots available within any given date range can be scored on “greenness” and relative cost. Using this information you can present this to customers in your chosen way, for example, windows could be priced to guide customers towards the more cost efficient options, or simply highlighted as an eco-friendly delivery slot.

Routes that have high density and efficiency will drive maximum drops per route with fewer miles travelled, while still giving the end customer a wide choice.

Driving this level of efficiency into your fulfillment operation is only possible with an omni-channel fulfillment system that continuously optimizes routes and schedules while orders are being taken.

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4. Exception management

Using an omni-channel fulfillment system will help you manage the entire process from order capture through to delivery and post-delivery management. The benefits of reducing planning time and removing operational silos are obvious.

However, there are still times when circumstances change and last minute orders or changes need to be added after the route is planned.

Paragon HDX keeps track of every customer interaction that occurs during the order lifecycle. This means that the full order history of activities and customer contact is accessible via a single interface, enabling your customer service agents to quickly resolve queries and issues.

Paragon HDX will also proactively highlight any issues that could cause a delivery failure. This enables proactive management of the customer expectation leading to a higher percentage of first-time delivery success and a better customer experience.

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5. Customer interaction and notification

Customers feel more positive about the service you are providing if you can give them regular updates throughout the order lifecycle. But clarifying delivery dates or rescheduling time windows can be time consuming for your customer services center.

The growth in vehicle telematics and product tracking technology has given retailers better end-to-end visibility of an order progressing through the supply chain. It’s now far easier to keep the consumer informed of their upcoming deliveries.

With Paragon HDX, updates can be forwarded through your preferred communication channel, be it “pushed” notifications via email and SMS or a tracking portal accessed by the customer via desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

This provision of regular updates reduces the chance of the customer being out when the delivery takes place – reducing costs incurred through repeated delivery attempts. The automation of the process also reduces the volume of calls or emails to your customer services team. This is especially valuable for responding to increased customer demand during peak periods.

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6. Consignment tracking

Once an order has been picked and has left your warehouse, it can be difficult to monitor its progress through the hubs that comprise your delivery network to the customer’s home or preferred delivery location.

Fully integrated with your Warehouse Management System, Paragon HDX takes over the physical tracking of consignments into and out of the final delivery hub and manages the “final mile” dispatch to the customer.

Paragon HDX also has the ability to manage the consolidation of products from different stock sources to produce a single consignment for final loading and dispatch.

This allows you to improve service by giving the customer services department visibility of consignment movements prior to dispatch and allows you to keep consumers informed of any unforeseen delays.

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7. Real-time delivery management and tracking

Keeping customers informed on the day of delivery is critical to delivery success, and a positive customer experience.

When it comes to the day of delivery, Paragon HDX can keep your customers informed of delivery progress via SMS, email or automated phone call.

Paragon HDX can provide real-time delivery tracking and a proof of delivery updates, which are linked directly to the Paragon HDX exception management module.

The proof-of-delivery module, Paragon fleXipod, provides users with up-to-date progress of delivery vehicles, including vehicle tracking and full order status information.

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8. Returns management

A hassle-free returns process is an increasingly important consideration for customers deciding whether to purchase from you. If the returns process is easier with another retailer, they will go elsewhere.

The returns process needs to be simple for the customer and efficient for the retailer. Paragon HDX allows you to improve the customer experience by offering flexible returns collection windows the customer can book themselves.

Data about returning stock needs to be fed back into supply chain systems as quickly as possible so it can be sold again. Repeat journeys need to make efficient use of drivers and vehicles. Paragon HDX can provide returns slots that are still efficient for your delivery operation.

On the day of delivery Paragon HDX allows the driver to feed returns information back to order management systems and customer services for re-order or re-delivery.

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9. Debrief and management reporting

Given the rising costs of omni-channel fulfillment, it’s important to continuously review your delivery operations to ensure your driver and vehicle resources are maximized and your costs are kept to a minimum.

Paragon HDX allows you to review the performance of your fleet against plan in real-time, or compare results over longer periods of time to improve cost savings and customer service.

By comparing plan versus actual during the course of the day, your transport office can identify issues that have arisen, and then immediately debrief the driver at the end of his / her shift.

SQL-based reports can be automatically exported and shared in multiple formats giving non-Paragon users across the business visibility of the customer experience. Exported in HTML format, customer services (and other stakeholders) can be given real-time visibility of delivery schedule progress with tools like Paragon’s Arrivals Board technology.

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Dreams enables 12,000 home deliveries a week with Paragon

With 12,000 deliveries a week, Dreams uses Paragon HDX to plan all its UK routes and schedules.

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Paragon HDX is an omni-channel fulfillment management and route optimization tool that allows you to continually optimize routes throughout the day. 

Paragon HDX integrates with your website, customer service ordering system and your warehouse management systems, enabling you to offer transport-efficient delivery date and time slots with cost options to your customer at time of order. 

Retailers across many different industries are already using Paragon HDX to reduce costs and improve the customer experience they are able to offer.

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Paragon HDX, the omni-channel fulfillment system

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